Pleasure Curses Gives Our Fragile Republic ‘The Push’ It Needs

Portland, Oregon-based disco/indie-dance outfit Pleasure Curses has just released an alluring new cut called “The Push.”

Pleasure Curses THE PUSH
Cover art by Jahn Alexander Teetsov.

In “The Push,” the duo of Jahn Alexander Teetsov and Evan Grice have crafted an upbeat disco number with Teetsov’s smooth vocals, spacey synths, muted guitar expressions, and the rhythmic strut of early 2000s The Juan MacLean (maybe “Tito’s Way”?) or LCD Soundsystem (“Disco Infiltrator,” perhaps).

More importantly, though is the message: Fuck fascism. Or, to be less profane: These synths kill fascism. We must stop the bitter hatred and pathetic opportunism that are rotting our society’s core. It’s a crucial message at a time when the radical right is on the rise, bringing to bear an ideology that poses an existential threat to our way of life.

Pleasure Curses, former DC residents and a Vehlinggo favorite, are part of the DC-based Prince George Records family that includes Furniteur (whose recent “Redundant Buzz” is based on a Teetsov song) and SAINT-SAMUEL, among others. It’s a cool label that has some great releases in store for 2017. (A note: Teetsov is also behind some of the artwork you see on this site.)

For more music by Pleasure Curses, check out the handy playlist they’ve created.