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EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: ‘Synchronicity’ Score Cassette Tape Art, Buy Info

Ben Lovett’s stunning synth-driven score for Jacob Gentry’s time travel film, Synchronicity, is getting the cassette treatment, thanks to a partnership between Lakeshore Records and Megatapes. Vehlinggo is proud to reveal John Bergin’s talented artwork. See it below.

Order details are after the art — also, I’m giving a couple tapes away. Those details are below, too. Oh! And Vehlinggo published a fairly sizable feature on Lovett and the score back in 2016. That’s below, too. If you enjoy this score, this is your lucky day.

Art by John Bergin.

Pre-order the cassette tape via Megatapes starting at some point today. The official release day is April 14, and you can, of course, try to get it then, too. Hurry: There are only 250 tapes available.


Don’t have a tape player? Don’t worry. You can buy a decent used one at any number of boutiques or even just get a vintage Sony Walkman on eBay, like I did. After you buy the tape, you can purchase the score on vinyl from Death Waltz or get the digital release from Lakeshore. Make sure to rent/buy the Dark City-influenced film on Amazon or elsewhere (I can’t remember if it’s on Netflix).

Bergin, the art director for Lakeshore and a noted musician in his own rite, had some words to say about this release and the cassette medium in general.

“Every time I listen to music on cassette, I am stunned by the warmth and clarity of the sound, especially when I listen to music that I am very familiar with,” he said in a statement. “I’ve listened to Ben’s Synchronicity score nearly a hundred times. The first time I heard it on cassette, it was like hearing it for the first time — there is incredible detail and saturation in the sound. Cassettes offer a listening experience unlike any other format.”

The Interview

In May 2016, Ben Lovett provided some extraordinary insight into his life as a composer, and the Synchronicity score, specifically. Although his score for the film carries various shades of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Wendy Carlos, and Jean-Michel Jarre, there’s more to it. I learned a lot from Lovett, and if you haven’t read the interview already, do. You might learn a bunch, too.

The Giveaway

I have only two Synchronicity tapes to give away. Want one? Read the Lovett interview and answer this question: Which actor do the films Synchronicity and Turbo Kid have in common? Email me at hello — at —

Deadline is April 10, after which winners are selected at random among contestants who get the right answer.

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