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PREMIERE: Scandroid’s New Song, ‘Rendezvous’

Today, Vehlinggo is premiering a neon-drenched new song from popular Detroit-based synthwave act Scandroid. “Rendezvous,” which comes out tomorrow (April 28), is a buoyant, arp-laden ode to late-night love with Scandroid’s noted retro/future “neo-Tokyo” backdrop. (Note: You can pre-order the single today via Bandcamp.)

Check out the lyric video below. It’s a fun time.

Klayton is Scandroid

Scandroid is a project by Klayton, an artist who’s crafted music for dozens of films, TV ads, film trailers, and video games. If you’ve seen the likes of Deadpool, Iron Man, or John Wick, or so many other things, you’ve probably heard his work. He also is behind the successful rock outfit Celldweller.

When Scandroid released his self-titled debut album last fall, it was a bit of chart-topper. It hit number 1 on the iTunes electronic charts in the United States and Russia, and did nearly as well in other markets’ iTunes charts. The record also hit number 5 on Billboard’s electronic charts.

“Rendezvous” will feature on Scandroid’s sophomore album, which comes out later this year.

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  1. Definitely not my favourite Scandroid track, but the music during the bridge was great. Looking forward to my preorder tomorrow so I can hear the instrumental version of that part.

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