New Italians Do It Better Band Is Heaven

Johnny Jewel could release an enchanting new song by a new quartet on his label Italians Do It Better and it wouldn’t be enough. Everyone would flood the social-network comments with “Where’s Dear Tommy?” — referring to Jewel-led Chromatics’ much-anticipated followup to 2012’s classic Kill For Love.

But that’s not what “It’s Not Enough,” a new Jewel-produced song by new label family members Heaven, is about. Despite the song’s title, it’s not a commentary on people nagging Jewel et al for Tommy.

Instead, the song feels like it’s about that sentiment you get when you need eye contact to fully confirm an exchange, an understanding, or some other form of intimate connection. Words and gestures? They’re not enough. You need to see it in their eyes. We’ve all been there, and it’s often in a desperate state of mind.

However, when bathed in hazy vocal hooks and a dreamy, ethereal instrumental composition, this sentiment is transformed into something warm and inviting. The only problem is the song is only about two-and-a-half minutes long. It’s not enough.

The cut is from a forthcoming EP, which Italians Do It Better will release next month on vinyl and digital formats. There’s also a Heaven album coming in the future, probably before Tommy. Heaven is fronted by Aja Emma, previously of the Captured Tracks band Cosmetics (which coincidentally sounds a bit like late Aughts Glass Candy.)

(Feature Photo courtesy of Italians Do It Better.)

There’s also a rather haunting video for the song, mixing the classic Italians video vibe with a little Twin Peaks.