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Code Elektro ‘Wolf’ Podcast Series: Week 2

(Editor’s Note: For this and the next several weeks, the blog will feature Code Elektro (AKA Martin Ahm) discussing each of the 11 pieces on Wolf, his most recent album and one that has earned him global accolades and a legion of fans. Last week, he talked about the Wolf concept and the opening cut, “Welcome to the Wolf Den.” He also did a quick Q&A about the podcast and his upcoming followup album.)

For Week 2 of Denmark-based Code Elektro’s Wolf podcast, the artist is discussing the album’s title cut.

What I love about this whole podcast series is the thoughtful reflection Martin Ahm brings to the table as he talks over his well-crafted instrumental cues. The man truly is a wonderful artist. Fans and casual listeners alike will dig this whole series.

That’s all for today. Check back next week for Part 3, which discusses “Scandinavia.”

Buy Wolf via Iceberg Records’ Big Cartel store. It’s also available in digital form via all the usual suspects, such as Spotify (below). For more information on the Code Elektro project, Ahm has you covered.

(Feature Photo: Album art for Code Elektro’s Wolf. Art by Jon Gotlev.)

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