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Many People Are Saying They Wanted T-Shirts

People Wanted Shirts. Now They’re Here!

(Editor’s Note: Reprinted from the Vehlinggo Newsletter, which was emailed to subscribers on Saturday, April 29.) 

Some of you who know me, or who have met me even briefly, know that I’m embarrassed to push anything of mine that you have to pay for. That said, people have been asking for Vehlinggo t-shirts for nearly two years. Now they’re here!

You can buy them via Zazzle, which offers them in a variety of decadent styles and colors. Apparently, they ship everywhere, because Amsterdam-based Timecop1983, fresh off a London Drive gig with College and Sunglasses Kid, just bought one so he can wear it during performances.

I’ll leave you with a cool photo Nola Wren made for me for Vehlinggo’s second birthday. The College collaborator and  “Venom” and “Knife” singer/songwriter is wearing the second-edition Vehlinggo shirt (the one with the bigger logo).

Nola Wren Vehlinggo shirt
Photo: Screenshot.


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