‘Surrender’ to the Pop Bliss of LGHTNNG

LGHTNNG Strikes Yet Again

You will have guessed by now that Vehlinggo is a fan of LGHTNNG, the Dutch synth-pop trio who can basically do no wrong. They’re back with a gorgeously sick (and sick and gorgeous) new single called “Surrender.” It stuns with its beauty and kills with its pulsating dance foundation. As they always do, here LGHTNNG layers on a wash of compelling synths to help tell the story that singer Doortje tells. You can’t help but surrender to this.

Take a listen and buy the track via Bandcamp. It’s yet another great experience from a band this blog loves dearly. To be struck by LGHTNNG is a beautiful thing.

(Feature Photo: Cover art for “Surrender” by Patrick Joust.)

For more on the band, check out some previous posts.


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