Pre-Order ‘Electronic Dreams for a Holographic Existence’ by Steve Greene of Voyag3r

Electronic composer and producer Steve Greene of Voyag3r is set to release his first solo album, Electronic Dreams for a Holographic Existence, on Jan. 26. But you can claim this brilliant, sci-fi-infused synth score early by pre-ordering the album today.

Head over to Greene’s Bandcamp page right now and order yourself a copy. Consider it a New Year’s treat for yourself. The album is also available on vinyl (limited) via Bellyache Records and on CD and cassette via Battle Chamber Music.

Greene Challenges the Nature of Reality

You recently heard Greene with his band, Voyag3r, on Lakeshore Records’ The Rise of the Synths companion album — the synth-prog band closes the collection with an extraordinary number.

Now, the Detroit-based Greene returns with an all-hardware, all-analog instrumental, synth-driven record that recalls the iconic work of composers and bands such as Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and John Carpenter, but is inherently something fresh from a talented composer. Fans of MAINE will also dig this new album.

The album’s timing is superb, as Amazon will soon release the Philip K. Dick anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams and this album could very well serve as a soundtrack for one of its episodes (or for a Black Mirror story, for that matter).

“The concept of the album poses the question of whether we’ve always been living in some type of augmented or virtual reality and we’re now only becoming aware of the small hints of it in our place in existence,” Greene said in a press release.

Greene recorded his album’s eight tracks in his Battle Chamber studio in the Detroit area, using a wide array of vintage gear: a Sequential Circuits Pro-One and SixTrak, a Moog MiniTaur and Micro Moog, Alesis Ion, MultiVox MX-202 and Roland Alpha Juno 2. He used a Rhodes Mark V electric piano on some songs and also played saxophone.

Follow those links up above and show this release some love. The album is a great way to start the year.


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