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EXCLUSIVE: Listen to ‘Transition’ from Atella’s Upcoming ‘Beacon One’ EP

Norwegian galactic electro-pop duo Atella release their mind-expanding four-track EP Beacon One tomorrow on Eskimo Recordings, but today you can listen to “Transition,” from this beautiful collection of hopeful electronic music.

You must experience this thing: Atella offer a compelling blend of Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Anoraak, and Daft Punk, with a big dose of Carl Sagan vibes.

Be prepared for transcendent arrangements with lush synth pads, spirited arpeggiators, and disembodied announcements in Japanese, held together with tight drum beats and fat synth bass turns, all offering a front-row seat to an unrivaled view of the stars. Are you ready for this?


I suspect you’ll listen to this catchy Eskimo-released cut several times today, because it’s just that good. Starting tomorrow, Feb. 16, you’ll be able to snag or stream all of Atella’s new EP via the usual digital channels.

Here’s what Atella themselves have to say about Beacon One:

“Hidden in the vast blanket of stars, our Beacon One calls for you. And the beacon carries a message — an ambitious hello. This is a message in a bottle, hoping to find new life and the secrets that it keeps. Close to the horizon, the Beacon has picked up a colorful glimpse of light. A new hope, a new guideline. As we ascend to the unknown, we cling ourselves to the hope of something good, but the uncertainties create a fiery rush. The rush that keeps us alive. Climb on!”

I urge you to go down the rabbit hole of Atella’s back-catalogue. You’ll have a great time. After that, get Beacon One.