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Preview Wojciech Golczewski’s ‘End of Transmission 2’ Before It’s Released

In just a few hours, Data Airlines will do a global release of beloved film composer Wojciech Golczewski’s new synth score album, End of Transmission #2. In the meantime, Vehlinggo is premiering “Transmission 09,” one of the key tracks off the followup to the first volume that Data Airlines released in 2016.

Golczewski crafted the End of Transmission series as a minimalist spin-off to his more elaborately composed and recorded Reality Check trilogy. Both tackle concepts of space travel and sci-fi horror. although End of Transmission cuts are generally grittier and more intimate.

The new volume continues the musical story of a deep-space exploration, although this time the point-of-view on the mission changes.

“This time it’s a take on the AI/robot perspective,” Golczewski said, “Just imagine all these little guys/robots/chips happily working 24/7 inside the machines.”

Here’s more of what Golczewski had to say about it:

I wanted to do a few easy tracks to be fun to listen to and relax. There are more melodies and a more synthwave vibe here and there; some short forms in between the big tracks.

“There’s a bit different side of the story than EOT #1. I wasn’t really trying to over-concept this — it’s basically just an easy-listening EP with some electronic music. It’s definitely happier and brighter, too.”

Cover art by Vincent Aseo.

Available in vinyl and digital forms later today via Data Airlines.

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