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Hey Brooklyn: Vehlinggo and Nitehawk Are Doing a ‘Drive’ Thing

This very website owes its existence to Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 film, Drive. This is obvious to anyone who reads this site or who talks to me. So it makes sense that I would do a promotional thing with Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, which is showing Drive for two midnight shows this weekend — on Friday night and Saturday night. But the Friday night one is the super special Vehlinggo-related event.

One lucky attendee of the Friday night show will win an unplayed Drive soundtrack 5th anniversary edition record I donated to help promote the event. (I also gave away two free tickets to Friday night. Have fun, Clare!)

Art courtesy of Lakeshore Records.

Drive-related Articles on Vehlinggo

Johnny Jewel
Johnny Jewel

Drive: 5th Anniversary (2016) — Soundtrack artists Johnny Jewel, Electric Youth, College, and Cliff Martinez look back at the legacy of the film and music. Artists influenced by Drive also offer their insight: Miami Nights 1984, College’s fellow Valerie Collective member Maethelvin, Pr0files, and Kung Fury soundtrack artist Highway Superstar.

Cliff Martinez: An In-Depth Interview (2018) — I recently published a big profile of Martinez, in which he talks about his collaborations with Steven Soderbergh and Nicolas Winding Refn (including Drive), among other things. He had some great insight into the Drive soundtrack that we didn’t cover in our first interview.

Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin of Electric Youth.
Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin of Electric Youth. They are among the artists who’ve been interviewed for in-depth ‘Vehlinggo’ pieces.

Electric Youth: A Deeper Hidden Meaning (2017) — Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin are beautiful souls who did a great in-depth interview with me. The result was an excellent (and big) profile with an almost-as-in-depth bonus Q&A and feature.

College: A pair of in-depth interviews (2015) — David “College” Grellier and I had an extensive chat that ended up being a two-part profile. We talked about Drive, of course. Here’s College interview, Part 1, and College interview, Part 2.

John Bergin (2016), the art director and A&R representative for Lakeshore Records, was the subject of an in-depth profile (the guy also has played key roles in electronic music, graphic novels, and film going back for decades). Lakeshore is the soundtrack’s record label and Bergin is a major Drive fan and did art direction for the release. We cover a lot of territory.

The Drive soundtrack on 8-track? Sorta. Check out this 2017 post about it.

Those are the main pieces that are more or less directly related to Drive. There are many posts that are in some way tied to the film, its soundtrack, and its comprehensive aesthetic.

Buy the Drive soundtrack: You can buy a re-press of the neon pink vinyl via Invada with the standard art and notes. Invada also sells the Drive soundtrack cassette.

(Feature photo: A cross between a Vehlinggo hashtag and the cover art for Mondo’s 2013 vinyl press of the Drive soundtrack. Photo Credit: Neon Dream Designs and Tyler Stout/Mondo.)