‘The Pulse’ Original Game Features OGRE, MAVS & More

Interactive sci-fi story The Pulse is coming later this month, but you don’t have to wait to experience the music in it or inspired by it. Below is a video playlist featuring fantastic tracks from likes of OGRE, Starforce, Makeup and Vanity Set, Killstarr, Crockett, Airglow, Starlight, and Auto/Reflex, who does the original score.

“The synthwave movement offered endless inspiration while we developed the story, tone, and design for the The Pulse,” said StoryFix Media co-founder and head writer Christopher Webster (who has also written for Vehlinggo). “With a few analog synths these artists can conjure entire worlds, nostalgic and futuristic, emotional and full of cinematic scope. Since capturing the spirit of their work was so important to us, we’re thrilled to feature some of their best work in our game’s official playlist.”

the pulse
“The Pulse” art by Erick Solis.

About The Pulse

The Pulse, developed by StoryFix Media, is a modern choose-your-own-adventure game. It’s text-based, interactive sci-fi story that takes players on a journey across the dark and desolate town of Cutter’s Crossing, as they guide a woman with no memory to reclaim her identity, solve what happened to its inhabitants, and learn the secrets of a mysterious pulse that seems to be the source of it all. Of course, is something so simple? Along the way, your trust will be tested and deciphering truths from lies could change everything.

The Pulse was written by Christopher Webster and produced by Gareth Higgins, Arthur Lee, Claire Tunney and Christopher Webster.

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