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Alone in the Woods (Jon Dobyns and Lonn Bologna) have crafted one of the best albums of the year: their self-titled debut LP coming tomorrow via the inimitable Burning Witches Records. But no need to wait until then to hear it. Today, I’m giving you the opportunity to experience it in full.

Alone in the Woods provides a rich tapestry of ambient textures and beat-driven fare. The album presents synths straight out of late 1980s Depeche Mode, the narrative care of a modern horror score, and a compositional audacity reminiscent of Bjork’s late 1990s work. Dobyns and Bologna merge those sentiments with contemporary production and experimental sensibilities to craft a stunning aural experience. This is an album you simply cannot overlook. You just can’t.

The art and medium for Alone in the Woods's self-titled debut is befitting the stunning quality of the music. Art by Darren Hopes.
The art and medium for Alone in the Woods’s self-titled debut befits the stunning quality of the music. Art by Darren Hopes.

The album will be for sale in digital and vinyl form tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 30 via BWR at 10 AM GMT. MONDO/Death Waltz will also have some vinyl copies soon. The vinyl is a limited edition “green forestburst effect” and includes an insert print and download card. Only 500 copies will be available worldwide.

You can also buy the album from BWR on Bandcamp. Follow the label on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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You last heard Alone in the Woods on BWR’s Communion compilation. For more BWR coverage on this site, follow the hauntingly beautiful music this way.