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Premiere: Volt Age’s Theme Song for ‘Commando Ninja’

Are you ready for the ’80s-tastic theme song to upcoming action-comedy Commando Ninja? Today, you have a chance to experience Volt Age’s triumphant contribution to the film’s soundtrack, which Lakeshore Records will release this Friday, Dec. 14.

Volt Age’s deftly executed theme song joins composer Thomas Cappeau’s score cues to create a compelling complement to director Benjamin Combes’ tribute to action-hero films of the ’80s. (For more on Combes and the film, check out this interview with him.)

From the wailing guitars and gorgeous synths to emotional vocals and an energetic rhythm section, Volt Age’s theme song finds itself in the company of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky 3 and even the David Hasselhoff-Mitch Murder collaboration “True Survivor” from Kung Fury — when it comes to embodying a certain spirit and energy of the film it’s supporting.

Commando Ninja

The plot for Commando Ninja is as follows: In 1986, a Vietnam veteran — a Green Beret, half-commando/half-ninja — sets forth to retrieve his daughter, who was abducted by a secret ninja organization. The organization’s leader, a Central-American dictator, wants to create a new world order. “She was the only thing he would kill again for,” the press materials say. “Now it’s time for revenge.”

The crowdfunded film premiered at the Effets Stars Film Festival last month in Combes’s hometown of Montpellier, France, to a great response.

Commando Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Composer Thomas Cappeau crafts a dynamic and captivating score that combines traditional orchestral cues with synthesizer-driven compositions, creating music that nods heavily to the spirit of ’80s action films. It’s a fitting complement to Combes’ vision. Buy it on Friday, Dec. 14, via Lakeshore Records and from the use digital outlets.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. “The ‘Nam”
2. “The Raid On The House”
3. “The Deal”
4. “Confronting The Red Ninja”
5. “Kinsky”
6. “The Pool”
7. “Way Of The Commando Ninja”
8. “Master And Apprentice”
9. “John Versus The Red Ninja”
10. “The Feeling”
11. “Like A Family Again”
12. “Into The Wasteland”
13. “Jenny, 1998”
14. “Commando Ninja” – Volt Age

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