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Premiere: Nola Wren – ‘Other Boys’

Brooklyn-based Nola Wren has an evocatively killer new single out called “Other Boys,” recorded not long after she released last year’s EP, Scream into the Void, Part I. Check it out here in today’s premiere. It releases on all digital platforms on Friday.

Wren says the song is about a very particular feeling: you fall deeply in love and then it all falls apart at a rapid clip.

nola wren photo
Nola Wren. Photo Credit: Leyla Lacheri.

“There’s a funny feeling you get that moment just before you hit the ground, when everything almost seems too good to be true, but you succumb to gravity anyway,” Wren says. “You find yourself saying things like, ‘Well sure, I’ve been hurt before, but this time I know it’s different because they’re not like other….’ BOOM. Splat goes the heart.”

Wren is also working on a series of collages that complement the release of “Other Boys” and collectively tie into Glitterblood, a term that essentially describes the current era of her artistic expression. Below is one of the collages.

glitterblood nola wren
Collage by Nola Wren.

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