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PREMIERE: Jason Priest & Let Em Riot ‘Glow’ on New Single

Antoni Maiovvi’s disco-infused, post-punk project Jason Priest has a new EP called Nightmare Boy coming out on Friday. Today, in advance of the release, Vehlinggo premieres an absolutely killer New Order-esque collaboration with veteran synthwaver Let Em Riot. Like the other cuts on Nightmare Boy, “Glow” is a captivating and visceral listening experience. It won’t leave your head for a long time.

In addition to the collaboration with Let Em Riot (AKA Alan Oakes), Nightmare Boy features a guest turn from Mecha Maiko (AKA Hayley Stewart). Below, Maiovvi discusses “Glow” and Nightmare Boy in general, and Oakes shares some thoughts about his collaboration with Maiovvi (AKA Anton Maiof).

“Like many artists, I often struggle with my own voice, lyrics, place in society, shoes, and general self image and the idea to reach out to other vocalists was sort of an experiment to see how it worked and if it was enjoyable,” Maiovvi told Vehlinggo. “Working with both Hayley of Mecha Maiko and Alan of Let Em Riot was super effortless and I’m really happy with the results.”

Oakes was equally pumped about “Glow.”

“I really dig Anton’s music,” he told Vehlinggo. “It was great to have the opportunity to work together on this track.”

jason priest let em riot glow nightmare boy
Art by Eric Adrian Lee.

Here’s the narrative created surrounding “Glow”:The adventures of New York street urchin Jason Priest continue with the Nightmare Boy EP. Fame, fortune and the rock ‘n’ roll life have taken its toll, and under advisement from “the label” guest vocalists were brought on board to cynically broaden Jason’s appeal in the face of his ongoing, real-life, bad-boy troubles. “Glow,” the collaboration with Let Em Riot was one such product. Appealing to both the romantic and the dancefloor, the track stands out as a match made… in jail…

On Friday the EP hits Maiovvi’s Bandcamp page, from which you can buy the first Jason Priest EP, last year’s King​-​Kill​/​33°. Listeners of The Vehlinggo Podcast heard a song from that release on the December 2018 episode. Readers of this blog have already heard another song from Nightmare Boy called “Wise,” showcased in a One-Liners column earlier this month. You can also buy the vinyl version via Electric Dream Records.



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