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Premiere: ANASIA’s Evocative ‘Blurred’ Based on ‘Sulphur for Leviathan’

Under the name ANASIA, composer Leanna Primiani has crafted the hauntingly evocative EP Blurred, based on her film cues for James Quinn’s controversial horror short Sulphur for Leviathan, which documents a nun’s descent from devotional to demonic. Today, Vehlinggo premieres the title cut from the four-track release.

The EP — with the full title of Blurred—Music Recreated from the Art House Horror Film Sulphur for Leviathan — explores the dichotomous sacred/profane themes of the Sodom & Chimera-produced picture. The EP releases Dec. 13. Pre-save it.

Says Primiani: “My 14-minute opus takes a ‘variations on a theme’ approach, using the movie’s musical motifs as creative fodder. The movie Sulphur for Leviathan has been visually sculpted to achieve a sensory-disorienting experience to heighten the film’s deliciously depraved narrative arc. Blurred mirrors this effect through my treatment of sound. I wrote the music as if it is breathing.

“In keeping with the film’s compositional techniques,” Primiani continued, “I juxtapose organic and synthetic sounds into a dense and disorienting aural patchwork, consisting of recorded organic instrumentation; heavily prepared piano, found sound from the natural environment; synthesizer-based musical passages; and swatches of music heavily treated by digital-signal processing.”

Overall, she takes existing cues to the relentlessly dark and even blasphemous, yet strikingly visual film, and cultivates musical structures centered on components such as merging palindromes, the Fibonacci number sequence, and the Golden Ratio, which she refers to as “Time Form.” Blurred also includes three additional tracks inspired by the film: “Sounds Like FEAR,” “Pain,” and “Pleasure.”

About ANASIA (AKA Leanna Primiani)

From press materials: When not working under the moniker ANASIA, Leanna Primiani is an established composer who has scored numerous features, TV shows, and orchestral concert works. She has composed the scores for such award-winning films as Daughters of Virtue, A Film By Vera Vaughn, and remake of the cult classic The Bad Seed, directed by and starring Rob Lowe. Her music has also been performed by The Nashville Symphony, Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, The Aspen Music Festival, and she has conducted such orchestras as The National Symphony, Dallas Opera Orchestra, California Opera among many others.

For more information about ANASIA, check out her Facebook page, SoundCloud streams, and YouTube Channel.

ANASIA blurred

About Sulphur for Leviathan

The Sodom & Chimera Productions modern cult film’s visual quality sinister and surreal quality to it. The movie juxtaposes black-and-white scenes against those with color. It features an array of film textures owing to the use of a variety of cameras, including Super 8, 16 mm, and the seldom-used amateur 1920s film stock, 9.5 mm.

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