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LISTEN: Le Matos Return with 2 Awesome New Remixes

Montreal maestros Le Matos are here with a pandemic treat for us: two new amazing remixes of classic Join Us songs “Sarah” and “58 Minutes Pour Vivre.” The remix artist is the enigmatic Montreal musician L’Amour, whose earlier version of the “58 Minutes” remix has been a popular track for years.

The remixes date back to 2013 after the release of Le Matos’ influential album Join Us. You can hear an earlier version of L’Amour’s “58 Minutes” remix on this EP, but the version released today is remastered and packs a powerful punch. The earth-shattering “Sarah” remix has rarely been heard outside of an occasional Le Matos DJ set. Notably, the only music L’Amour has ever officially released are these Le Matos remixes.

L’Amour is a longtime affiliate and friend of Le Matos, showing up in the massive gatefold image in the Join Us vinyl. The feature photo of him above was taken during the Join Us photography sessions.

Le Matos is Jean-Nicolas Leupi (left) and Jean-Philippe Bernier (right).
Le Matos is Jean-Nicolas Leupi (left) and Jean-Philippe Bernier (right). The songs remixed here also included former member Maxime Dumesnil.

Here’s what J.P. Bernier of Le Matos had to say about the remixes by the artist also known as Pierric Soucy:

“I really love these remixes. I feel like he brings something else to the music. It’s a vibe that makes sense with us. It’s a little bit vintage but has a disco/Daft Punk influence. He doesn’t sound like everyone else around us.”

Soucy has also worked with Bernier on the films T Is For Turbo and Turbo Kid in the “first assistant camera (focus puller)” role.

Don’t forget to catch Le Matos’ original contribution to the Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years compilation. It’s a fully completed version of their modern classic “Rage of Honor.” Don’t forget to check out the vinyl version of Coming Soon, too.

Remix cover art by Maurice Roy.