‘Cobra Kai’ Composer’s Popular D/A/D Album, ‘The Construct,’ Gets the Vinyl Treatment

Zach Robinson is known today as co-composer of the Cobra Kai score, but among longtime synthwavers he’s also the man behind the project D/A/D. His influential 2013 album The Construct, released on pioneering synthwave label Rosso Corsa, is still on people’s playlists and you often see links to the Bandcamp page still popping up on social media. Well, you’re going to see it even more in the coming months: Electric Dream Records is giving The Construct a much-needed vinyl release. This is fantastic news!

“It’s been seven years since its original release, and I’m still immensely proud of this album and supremely humbled people are still listening,” Robinson told Vehlinggo this week.

Zach Robinson (sometimes D/A/D) performs some of his sweet synth cuts.
Zach Robinson (sometimes D/A/D) performs some of his sweet synth cuts.

Brian Diamond’s EDR is a well-regarded synthwave label out of Illinois, USA. The company has a reputation for issuing high-quality vinyl releases of beloved albums, such as Makeup and Vanity Set’s 88:88.

The Construct will be released at some point in the fall on two, 180-gram LPs with mastering by Dynatron and original artwork by Chrome and Lightning. (Note: EDR doesn’t do pre-orders, so you’ll have to set an alert to buy it when it goes live.)

“I’m incredibly grateful to Brian at Electric Dreams Records for putting this project in motion and to Dynatron for his beautiful re-mastering of the album,” Robinson says. “The Construct has truly never sounded better.”

d/a/d the construct vinyl
D/A/D’s ‘The Construct’ will be released on 180-gram vinyl this fall via Electric Dream Records.

In addition to co-scoring Cobra Kai with Leo Birenberg, Robinson has also written music for Ant-Man and Edge of Tomorrow, among other films, as part of Christophe Beck’s composing team. (Here’s an interview he did with Vehlinggo in 2017, discussing that experience.) His video for “Orion Beach” from The Construct premiered on NPR’s All Songs Considered and is a Vimeo staff pick. Hausu Mountain released The Construct on cassette in 2013, and NPR subsequently deemed it one of the best releases on that medium of that year.