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Premiere: “I’ve Found Dan” from David Martijn’s ‘War of the Worlds’ Series Soundtrack

The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells’ classic piece of invasion literature, has received a renewed focus with an eight-part series on EPIX adapted as War of the Worlds. The series, starring Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern, has a moving score by David Martijn of Belgian band Goose. In advance of Lakeshore Records’ July 24 digital release, Vehlinggo premieres the score cue “I’ve Found Dan.”

On “I’ve Found Dan,” Martijn uses slow, contemplative guitars and gorgeous synthscapes to cultivate a slow-building crescendo of resolution. It’s generally a sparse arrangement, but Martijn’s deft touch packs a potent emotional punch.

“To me, this War of the Worlds version is not about an alien invasion, it’s about people,” Martijn said in a statement. “I wanted to translate that with an unpolished, minimalistic score. The DNA of the War of the Worlds score was made before the first frame was shot. I’ve used still images of empty streets and cities and hang them on the wall as an inspiration to create that surrealistic alien feeling.”

Martijn is best known as the synth and guitar player for Goose. His early musical years saw him bent over a pedal board with a Flying V strapped to his person before he discovered a passion for synths.

Lakeshore Records releases the digital version of Martijn’s War of the Worlds soundtrack album on Friday, July 24. Nevertheless you can pre-save/pre-order it right now.

David Martijn War of the Worlds
David Martijn. Photo by Greetje Van Buggenhout.

About the War of the Worlds series

When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. The world’s population waits for further contact with bated breath. They do not have to wait long. Within days, mankind is all but wiped out by a devastating attack; pockets of humanity are left in an eerily deserted world. As aliens hunt and kill those left alive, the survivors ask a burning question: Who are these attackers and why are they hell-bent on our destruction?

Emotional, cinematic, and rooted in character, it is a unique marriage of human drama and the best science fiction. This is a story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, but they are more than just victims in a brutal war. For, as we will come to realize, the aliens’ savage attack on earth is not arbitrary: Its seeds are sown before our very eyes. Set in present-day Europe, War of the Worlds is a multi-faceted series, written and created by the BAFTA award winner Howard Overman (Misfits, Crazyhead, Merlin) and based on the timeless story by H.G. Wells. It is Executive Produced by Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, and Howard Overman through their company, Urban Myth Films.