Listen to Pilotpriest’s Cinematic Version of “Modern Fears” by Electric Youth for ‘Come True’

Here’s a big recommendation from Vehlinggo: Electric Youth’s Innerworld-era song “Modern Fears” received a profoundly captivating cinematic revamp for a key scene in director Anthony Scott Burns’ latest film, Come True. In addition to reworking this song and “Runaway,” Burns (AKA Pilotpriest) joins Electric Youth on scoring duties. The result is downright extraordinary. I can’t say enough how amazing it is that these three worked together on a full soundtrack.

Milan Records will release the soundtrack album digitally on March 12. I’ll have more on this for you in the form of an in-depth interview/profile with Electric Youth and Pilotpriest around March 12, which is also when the film is released on VOD and in some theatres. Waxwork takes on vinyl duties, releasing the record sometime this spring.

Until then, read Rachel Reeves’ review of the film for Vehlinggo, from last year’s Fantasia Fest run. And, of course, there is the in-depth interview with Electric Youth from 2019 and the other from the Breathing era in 2017, and also the podcast interview with Burns from a couple years ago you can check out in the meantime. (If I am remembering correctly, the artists teased elements of Come True in at least a couple of those interviews.)

Here’s some trivia for you: Did you know that Burns and Electric Youth worked together on the latter’s 2019 album Memory Emotion? Burns played bass guitar until his fingers bled on “Breathless.”

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