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Metavari Bring ‘ABSURDA’ to Livestreaming for a Good Cause

Indiana-based Metavari — Vehlinggo favorite (and creator of one of the most striking tracks on the 5 Years comp) — has a particularly special liveshow in store for us tomorrow night. Nate Utesch and percussionist Colin Boyd will perform ABSURDA, an homage-type-rescore for the short films of David Lynch that Metavari released for international Record Store Day in 2019.

All the proceeds will go to the donor-advised Family & Friends Fund for Southeast Fort Wayne, a fund in Utesch’s town designed to empower residents in the Southeast area and close the wealth gap in the most under-invested part of the city. The performance is dedicated to the life and memory of late founding member Ty Brinneman, who launched Metavari with Utesch over a decade ago.

The performance, entitled ABSURDA, etc., will highlight pieces from both the eponymous album that One Way Static released and other songs from Metavari’s recent discography. The event starts at 8 pm eastern on Friday, March 26, and will be broadcast from the Arts United Center at Arts Campus Fort Wayne. BeatStream is hosting a live video Q&A with Metavari after the show. The whole thing will be available for replay until April 2. Ticket prices are lower if you order today. You can get all the info via BeatStream.

Metavari’s shows are always a multi-sensory delight and the tech being used for this livestream should prove to maintain that experience as much as possible.

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This marks the first time since the band’s 2019 tour that they’ve played the ABSURDA material at this length in more than a year, they say.

For more on the backstory of ABSURDA, check out this Q&A we did back in April 2019. For a deep-dive into Metavari, check out this interview with Utesch from April 2018.

Boyd is now an official member of Metavari, making it a duo, according to Whatzup, a publication serving the area. The band is working on its next album.