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Ruth Radelet Announces Post-Chromatics EP ‘The Other Side’ & Shares Great New Single

Ruth Radelet, who fronted the former Chromatics for more than 15 years, has reached heights few musicians could — things like multiple, high-profile appearances in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return, a spot on the classic Drive soundtrack, sold-out international tours, a single with The Weeknd, and countless song placements in key TV shows. One thing she never had was something of her own. Today, she announces the Oct. 7 release of debut solo EP The Other Side and with it drops the utterly gorgeous music video for entrancing new single “Stranger.”

As with “Crimes,” her dreamy debut original solo single, “Stranger” sits comfortably in a hypnotic, mid-tempo space. Atop are layers upon layers of guitars, strings, and atmospherics that cultivate a sense of hopeful melancholy the lyrics easily meet. She’s on her own and writing new chapters in her life, but getting to the other side is never easy. Overall, these two singles give us an exciting glimpse into what we can expect from the EP — a Radelet with the opportunity to unfurl degrees of liberated creativity we haven’t been able to hear from her in a released form.

Her instantly recognizable voice is there, but this time there is a delicate tension between the hopeful and the somber. Musically, her singles have been rooted much more in the traditions of 20th Century rock and pop than electronic music. This is not Chromatics 3.0, but that’s perfectly wonderful. This is a new and captivating blend of sounds from one of the nicest musicians out there.

Radelet released a statement with the music video that touches on the key theme and message of her release. I’m going to print it in full:

The Other Side represents my coming out the other side of a traumatic experience, gathering what I could from “Before” and figuring out how to exist “After.” This record was forged in the fire of a transformative two-year period during which I lost almost everything, including my father who was a huge influence on me. Most of the songs were written just before I was caught up in a storm of big changes, and they were all finished just as life started to feel sweet again. Though it’s a melancholy record, for me The Other Side is a step into a bigger and brighter future.

The Other Side Tracklist

1. Stranger
2. Sometimes
3. Crimes
4. Be Careful
5. Youth

Keep an eye out for The Other Side on Oct. 7. She created it with friend and producer Filip Nikolic (formerly of Poolside). The music video for “Stranger” is directed by James Manson and shot on 16mm Kodak film by Freddie Whitman.

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