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The Vehlinggo Podcast Takes A Quick Look at 2022

Vehlinggo’s “end-of-year” coverage for 2022 is transpiring in two ways this year. First, is the latest episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast, in which I play tracks from some releases I enjoyed this year. Musicians featured on this podcast episode include Braxe + Falcon, Dawn to Dawn, Disasterpeace, Miami Nights 1984, Dara Taylor, Electric Youth reworking Ryuichi Sakamoto, and more.

Spotify, Apple, and Libsyn embeds are below, but you can also find the podcast on Audible, Amazon, and some other platforms. Although if you really want to do the podcast a solid, you should subscribe (and review)!

Secondly, we’re all doing that group article again for the fourth year in a row. (You know the one, in which musicians and other journalists join me in making a list of their favorite releases of the year.) Stay tuned to learn who chose what. Needless to say, I’ll have a nice list that inevitably omits some obvious title. Here’s last year’s to give you an idea of how we do things, if you aren’t familiar.

The Vehlinggo Podcast: Episode 6-4 Embeds

Interested in checking out past episodes of The Vehlinggo Podcast, too? Well, there’s a page for that.

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