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LISTEN: A Special One-Off Episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast

Vehlinggo is still officially on a summer break, but I heard a couple songs I really wanted to show you and so I recorded another of those one-off, music-focused episodes of The Vehlinggo Podcast. I also picked up a better microphone and audio interface — along with a better computer — so hopefully I don’t sound like I’m broadcasting from a toilet bowl in a cave in space anymore.

You’ll hear new or relatively new music from the likes of Dawn to Dawn, Nat Walker (ex-Chromatics, currently Fawn), SebastiAn (from his new score), Alex Kassian, Sasha Ortiz, Bunny X, and more. Enjoy! I’ve included some embeds below to help you on your quest.


Interested in checking out past episodes of The Vehlinggo Podcast, too? Well, there’s a page for that.

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