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WATCH: Immortal Girlfriend Live in the ‘Moment’

Immortal Girlfriend are one of the coolest synthwave-adjacent rock bands/score composers out there. They are impeccable musicians and songwriters, who put on live shows that highlight and expand the force of their songs. On that note, today Vehlinggo premieres the Eric Peckham-directed live video for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based duo’s excellent “Moment,” showcasing the siblings’ captivating work with drummer Brian Dendy. It doesn’t stop at the music, though. Check out the set design, featuring a memorable cameo. After the video, dive into the quick Q&A with the band.

(You can also get the studio version of Immortal Girlfriend’s recently released “Moment” via Bandcamp and of course via streamers, but I think you should buy the download.)

“It ended up becoming a song about perseverance.”

Interview with Immortal Girlfriend

In preparation for the premiere, Vehlinggo caught up with Will and Kevin Bush to ask them a few questions about the video and what they’re up to generally these days.

Vehlinggo: What is the back story behind the “Moment” video and the song? 

Immortal Girlfriend: “Moment” was a song we wrote when we were encountering a lot of opposition in life. It ended up becoming a song about perseverance. Musically, we wanted to tap into our rock roots on it, we had fun blending this one in with our musical style.

What else have you been up to? (Scores? Album? Shows?)

We have been fortunate to have some of our music placed in TV shows over the past few years. Our most notable placement has been in the Netflix series Wednesday. It is exciting to hear your work on [a show]. We are writing and producing music for different projects usually, but we have been recently scoring our first documentary. It is an indie crime documentary, and it was a very rewarding experience to work on it. We enjoy putting music to picture and to do so for a full-length project has been a goal of ours. [There is] lots of brooding synth on the score. It’s an important story, and we can’t wait for everyone to see it when it releases.

We are also working on new music as a band, a follow up EP to our RIDE EP. We are calling it Sojourner and are planning to release it at the top of the new year. We are looking at playing more live shows where we can — we’re slowly expanding outside of our city [laughs]. We have added a live drummer to our set and look forward to playing more places in the world.

It doesn’t seem like Wisconsin and Milwaukee get much attention in the synth world. What are people missing out on?

We found out that Tonebox is from Wisconsin! I reached out for visuals for some of our Youtube videos and discovered we live in the same state! [laughs]. There is a lot of talent in Milwaukee and Wisconsin in general. The winters here are perfect for creating. When it gets cold out, the writing makes it a bit more bearable.

Immortal Girlfriend. Photo by Eric Peckham.