The Tale of Glass Candy & the Semi-Precious Lady Gagas

A screenshot of a post in Glass Candy’s comment thread, featuring a photo by someone identifying himself as Matt Hill.

A guy ordered 10 “Digital Versicolor” shirts for each of his employees in India making busts of Lady Gaga, I learned this week on Glass Candy’s Facebook page.

Italians Do It Better label head and producer Johnny Jewel posted an image of Glass Candy’s “Digital Versicolor” shirt: It lists the colors singer Ida No counts off over an aggressive and dark synthesizer arpeggio and simple but effective thumping of drums. It’s a song used to great effect in Nicolas Winding Refn’s pre-Drive film, Bronson, starring Tom Hardy, and a cut that I’m convinced inspired Lady Gaga and her studio-mates when writing that horrible song with R. Kelly.

This week a guy who calls himself Matt Hill posted a photo of his team in India, all wearing their own Digital Versicolor shirts.

The funny part about all of this is that the task of the staff of Indians is to make a “semi-precious stone version of Lady Gaga,” according to Hill, who posted the above photo on Glass Candy’s page. (Click on the photo to expand it. You won’t regret it.)

How big of a Glass Candy fan are you, really? Certainly not as big as Matt Hill.