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The Beat’s Alive: Alessandri – Reflections In My Mind

Alessandri - Il Mondo
Photo Credit: Cover Art from Discogs.

Alessandri gave us all a gift in 1986 on the B-side of the “Il Mondo” single: A dark, mostly instrumental number called “Reflections In My Mind.”

While the A-side is fine and splendid, “Reflections” is a look into a chilly, morose and fascinating world.

Desolation and uncertainty reign. There’s no relying on the controlled but frightening music that haunts Alessandri’s disturbed mind. The synthesized strings and choir each fly everywhere in a glistening rumble from some haunting chamber, probably where Alessandri leaves scores of trunks filled with some horrifying secrets.

The vocals are sparse, with only the occasional disembodied chant of “reflections” and the song’s full title, barely registering a gram beyond nihilism. The drums chug along, like hammers driving home the disconnection.

Something happened to Alessandri — something deplorable or maybe just shameful. Whatever it was, the door’s shut and locked. There’s no way out.

But that’s OK, though, because emerging from the darkness is a catchy melody. If there’s someone out there peddling the merits of despair, this a good soundtrack for those efforts.

The 12-inch was released on the French label Trema. It was arranged and performed by Walter Bassani, and produced and mixed by Ruggero Penazzo.

You can check out the song below, or listen to it with better fidelity on Valerie’s blog.

(Editor’s Note: The Beat’s Alive is my occasional column focusing on everything associated with the Italo Disco genre, from the artists and their music, to the culture and history that created them, and anything else that comes up. Because I’m so damn predictable, I got the column’s name from a Glass Candy song. Viva Italians!)

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