Ghost Loft Gives Us A Taste Of The ‘Haze’

Ghost Loft
Overflow. Photo Credit: Ghost Loft.

Los Angeles-based producer Ghost Loft will soon release the Chocolate Haze EP. In the meantime, Loft has given us a taste of the Haze with “Overflow,” a colorful, laid-back groover with sweet undertones.

I can see why folks like The Neighbourhood, Two Door Cinema Club, and Wiz Khalifa want to work with him.

“Overflow” rolls along with a smooth R&B sensibility over which he manipulates some brass like putty in a bid to create the most memorable of hooks. He’s pulled it off and then some. After he sings “You are my overflow,” that wild trumpet part flies around the mix, soaring higher and higher up the scale until it takes over all of your sensibilities.

Check it out on Soundcloud:

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