Will Italians Do It Better’s ‘Lost River’ Soundtrack Come Out Today? (Update: Yes)

Lost River
Photo Credit: Italians Do It Better.

(Update: Yes, it did come out today. It’s on iTunes and is streaming on YouTube.)

Could today be the day that Johnny Jewel’s Lost River soundtrack will be released?

On the Italians Do It Better Facebook page, Jewel said they were working to get it out by today, at least digitally. He uses the actors’ voices in parts, and needed their clearances. The CD version is supposed to come out in April, with the vinyl likely following in June, according to an Italians spokesman.

Now, it’s important to remember that these dates can come and go. Maybe an actor doesn’t sign off on his or her use in the score, and related edits have to be made? Maybe the perfectionist Jewel — who once called himself “OCD Soundsystem” — will notice something that needs to be refined. Who knows?

But if you’re hoping for the soundtrack to come out today, follow the developments at the Italians’ Facebook page. That seems to be the most active place for Jewel’s announcements. Here’s what Jewel told someone on March 24:

“… Sorry for the delays. Been traveling nonstop for some new projects. March 30th the deluxe edition of the soundtrack will be released worldwide on iTunes. CD & triple LP to follow as soon as we can press them. We are currently working down to the wire to get the actors to sign off on dialog performances that serve as interludes throughout the soundtrack. Fingers crossed. It’s a beautiful soundtrack & a hypnotic film. XO Johnny”

Italians has already released a few cuts from the Lost River soundtrack, which might have to hold you over if the collection doesn’t come out today.

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut will be released on April 10.

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