Black Catalogue Will Soon Get Us ‘Lost in Space’

Black Catalogue
Slope 114 – “Lost in Space” will soon be released on Monty Luke’s Black Catalogue. Photo Credit: Black Catalogue.

Detroit-based Black Catalogue, one of my favorite labels these days, will soon release “Lost in Space,” a new 12-inch from house duo Slope 114.

The modular synth-based music of Dmitri Ponce and Elise Gargalikis throbs and nervously trots around in an almost apprehensive manner, while lead singer Gargalikis’ gorgeous vocals hover warmly in the dark, cold expanse of outer space.

The song reminds me of a pulsar, those highly magnetized and rotating neutron stars that emit beams of electromagnetic radiation. Only when a pulsar faces Earth do we see its light, which makes it seem like it’s communicating through some kind of luminous morse code that is synced with the universal rhythm of the heavens.

Label owner Monty Luke posted a two-minute preview on Black Catalogue’s SoundCloud page a couple weeks ago. Check it out: