Preview 3 Songs From Von Hertzog’s New Album

Photo Credit: Von Hertzog.
Photo Credit: Von Hertzog.

Philly-based Von Hertzog’s new retrosynth album, Sincerely Yours, is coming out next month, but in the meantime you can get three tracks from the album — and preorder the rest of it — over at the former Ghostface Killah collaborator’s Bandcamp page.

A standout track so far is “Saturday Morning Dreams,” a song that would fit in comfortably on the soundtrack for a lost film from John Hughes’ Molly Ringwald era. Its arty College-inspired arrangement is evocative and emotional without relying on artificial sweeteners or fillers. Specifically, those colorful synthesizer arrangements are just as much wistful as they are hopeful and forward-looking.

It sounds like a lot to have to deal with on a Saturday morning, but it’s more than likely exactly what you need.

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