Highway Superstar Makes It All Better on the Soothing ‘Minds to Rest’

Photo Credit: Highway Superstar.
Photo Credit: Guy Magen and Highway Superstar.

Highway Superstar seems to be having a blast with his string of non-album singles that stretch the boundaries of 80s-inspired synth music. This is coming to a head on his new single, “Mind to Rest.”

Whereas his December 2013 debut, Take My Time, was more often than not a kinetic pop romp, his singles that followed went away from that a bit. On “Aftershock,” his collaboration with Amazing Police, and “Skylines,” Highway trafficked in intimate, relaxed groovers, dancing around in hip downtown clubs and R&B-dominated afterparties.

Then with “Empathy,” he did a Casio-backed minimalist retrosynth tune that owes as much to Kraftwerk as it does to College. It was a pleasant comedown track that fit the ride home from the afterparty.

On “Rest,” his collaboration with singer Honey Colonna, Highway takes us to a cool, delicately lit beach after hours, where lovers take it easy with a slow dance and maybe even some light love-making. Ol’ Highway has given us a glimpse into the kind of musical arrangement that Sade might consider if she took on a deep-house-infused slow-disco project.

Everything in this place is chill — all we have is serenity — and Colonna lightly suggests with airy and warm vocals that all we need to do is “put our minds to rest” as we stare up at the wondrous night sky. You had your time to get all excited and overwrought before, and will again soon, but for now just sit back and let love rule.

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