A Dance With The Dead Song That Catches Your Heart: The Piano Version of ‘Adrift’

The one song from Dance with the Dead’s The Shape that has stuck with me since the record’s February release is “Adrift,” the slow, delicate, and moving cut that serves as the emotional center of The Shape. I’ve enjoyed the sense of calm and hope it seems to invoke, despite its title.

I was listening to it the other day when I noticed that the band posted a piano version on SoundCloud. It completely changes the conversation about the song and the album it’s on, and my impression of Dance With The Dead (AKA Justin Pointer and Tony Kim) as artists.

This is a powerful piece of art that magnifies all of the compelling parts of the album version of “Adrift” through a beautiful, ambient lens. Not only does it underscore the true potential of The Shape, but it also shows just how talented the Californians behind the DWTD project actually are at arrangement and mood creation.

I wonder if there’s an entire version of the album like this? I’d listen to it at least twice a week if it did exist.


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