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Vehlinggo Premiere: SAINT-SAMUEL’s New EP, ‘Švankmajer’

Montreal-based retrosynth composer SAINT-SAMUEL is back with Švankmajer, a well-crafted new EP inspired by Czech surrealist filmmaker Jan Švankmajer. Your only place to listen to it is here at Vehlinggo — at least until Monday, when it becomes available on the SAINT-SAMUEL Bandcamp page.

As with his previous releases, Carrousel, and Machine Code for Beginners, this new collection is no run-of-the-mill foray into instrumental retrosynthery. The songs are big, organic, and complex, while maintaining a curiously well-curated sense of intimacy and nuance throughout. At times, it’s like Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, and Edgar Froese got together in a Montreal studio to run a series of glorious experiments. The result is downright great.

Anyway, just go ahead and listen. You’ll be very pleased.

For more information on SAINT-SAMUEL, visit his website. He’ll be posting a teaser video and such there soon.

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