Paperwhite Gives Us a Dreamy New ‘Wanderlust’

Brooklyn synthpop duo Paperwhite is releasing their new EP, Escape, on Tuesday. In the meantime, listen to this exciting new single from the release. Once again, Katie and Ben Marshall have created an atmosphere of infinite possibilities and a ceaseless sense of wonder.

The duo says “Wanderlust” embodies the spirit of Escape.

“To us, it means so much more than travel and exploration,” the Marshall siblings said in a press release. “It’s about having the urge and need to keep dreaming and discovering – whether that’s within yourself or somewhere out there in the unknown.”

Listen to the extravagant new track below. A substantive Vehlinggo review of the new EP will hit next week. Also, see them live (because their shows are just very damn good).

(Feature artwork by Taylor Lucas.)