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Von Hertzog’s ‘Golden’ Return is Hella Sexy

For the past several months, retrosynth producer Von Hertzog has been in his Philly-area studio, brow-deep in the thick of recording his followup to last year’s Sincerely Yours album. He’s kept quiet about what the new record will sound like, but now we know. It turns out he was busy crafting some sensual synthery.

Today, Von released “Golden,” a dark, Depeche Mode-citing cut that opens with a sultry saxophone solo before handing over the reins to South Carolina-based artist SynthPrisma – who penned the words she sings. Her calmly intimate vocals implore a love interest to stick around because, hey, what they’ve got is “golden, baby.” A cadre of minor-chord synths and a syncopated – and massive – drum machine keep it all together.

The whole arrangement points to some deeply involved negotiations on a couch in a fire-lit room. But although SynthPrisma and Von Hertzog are putting on the hard sell, I can’t imagine they’ll walk away from this anything less than the prevailing parties.


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