Slanger Brings ‘Mountains’ of Talent to New EP

You might recall how good it is when an artist collaborates with singer Stewart Lockwood. I’m thinking of retrosynther Duett’s “Julienne” and “Running Scared.”  You probably remember me heaping gallons of praise on those songs.

So I can imagine you’re zero percent surprised that I enjoy “Mountains,” New York-based Slanger’s first (and new) collab with Lockwood. Slanger’s nuanced and synthy French Touch backdrop pairs very well with Lockwood’s huge, emotive pipes.

It’s really quite stunning what Lockwood can do. Slanger’s killer composition is firmly planted at the foot of the mountain, but Lockwood makes damn sure to bring it all the way to the peak.

I wrote this of Lockwood and Duett when I reviewed the Duett record, and I’ll write it again this time around: Lockwood and Slanger need to cut a full LP together. Slanger had better act fast, though, lest Ed Banger snatch Lockwood away from him.

Listen to and buy the Paradiso EP, Slanger’s third, on Bandcamp.

(Feature Photo: Paradiso cover art by Andrew Walker.)