Priest Isn’t the Same on ‘We’re The Same’

Florida-based synthpop duo Priest are back with a punchy new cut this week. “We’re The Same” has a driving backbeat, fuzzy synths, and big vocals that are heavier than anything on Priest’s self-titled debut from last year.

The drums are bigger, more organic and more intense, and there’s a standout guitar blitz absent from previous fare. The synths sound the most like what we’ve come to love about Priest, but even these parts are taking a bigger stand this time around. On “Same,” Priest sounds more like New Order than CHVRCHES or Chromatics. It’s a fascinating turn.

Check it out. I’ve been enjoying it. Read Priest’s confessions with Vehlinggo while you listen and ponder whether Madeline Priest and David Kazyk are fixing to announce a followup to their popular debut.

(Feature Photo Credit: Kevin Doan.)

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