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Video Premiere: The Balearic Bliss of Seahawks’ ‘Valparaiso’

You remember the UK-based Seahawks. They’re the “psychedelic yacht rock, deck shoegaze, hazy beach pop vibrations, and marina drone” duo who make serene music for the end times. Well, they’re back today with a Vehlinggo video premiere for single “Valparaiso.” A new album, Escape Hatch, is coming out Friday, Aug. 26, on the Ocean Moon label.

This new record is loaded with all of the above descriptors and then some. Specifically, this cut is a cover of an obscure Balearic hit by Paula Moore, with a Nassau groove, surprise guest vocal, and an all-around blissful disposition perfect to ensure a pleasant finale to the summer. (Although you’ll be listening to this cut and the entire record far beyond, I guarantee it.)

The video takes you on a trip to Valparaiso, Mexico, where for centuries Huichol Native Mexicans have celebrated the sacred Peyote ritual, according to the band. The result is a mind-blowing voyage featuring Sade, Kenny Loggins, and Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires.

Credits: Directed by Robin Holland at Music produced by Seahawks. Taken from the album Escape Hatch on Ocean Moon Music (OM18).

To read more about this Vehlinggo favorite and highly influential project, check out the feature on the duo (AKA Jon Tye and Pete Fowler) from last December. After all, as was true then, Seahawks offer us a way out of a messy reality. Small wonder they chose the name they did for their new album.
For extra fun, check out Tye’s Beats in Space set from last year. It’s just even more bliss for you.

UPDATE: Listen to the Escape Hatch record below.


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