Forêt de Vin Blast Us into ‘Another Dimension’

Life is often pretty damn fun. Forêt de Vin can make it even more so.

The Swedish enigmas are exponentially adept at crafting synthpop that sounds exactly like something out of the 1980s. This isn’t simply 80s-inspired fare. Just check out new single “Another Dimension (Feat. SAY).” As with previous songs like “Carol,” you really have to do a double-take to ensure you’re not listening to some lost single you found on the rack at Co-Op 87.

SAY singing in the studio during the "Another Dimenson" sessions.
SAY singing in the studio during the “Another Dimenson” sessions. Photo Credit: FDV’s Facebook page.

Listen to that excited gated snare, the syrupy synths, the powerful female lead vox courtesy of Stockholm-based SAY, huge hooks… the list goes on. It’s like a pop song that played over the opening credits of some comedy film in the late 80s — probably written by George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam of Boy Meets Girl, or maybe Tom Snow. It’s a great time.

FUN TRIVIA: The producers used retrosynther Robert Parker’s Roland D-50 on this cut, according to Seb from FDV.

ICYMI: Vehlinggo interviewed FDV last year. If you want to get inside their studio, dive into their Instagram.



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