Will You Be a ‘Conduit’?

There’s a fascinating nostalgic short horror film running a Kickstarter campaign right now. The Conduit, which its creators describe as “Gremlins meets The Gate,” will use practical (not computer) effects to craft a film that recalls the creature horror flicks of the 80s. It’ll also have an apparent synth-acousto hybrid score from composer John DeSentis.

So far the Kickstarter has raised $13,700 of its $33,000 goal to fund the creature elements of production.

“Monsters have always been in my blood, and it just made sense that I tried to tackle the genre that made me want to become a filmmaker,” said director John Hale, who has experience working on several films behind the scenes but who has never taken the driver seat before.

'Conduit' director John Hale on the set of the film. Photo Credit: John Hale.
‘Conduit’ director John Hale on the set of the film. Photo Credit: John Hale.

“As a kid, I tried to make my own films about possessed teddy bears, stop-motion dinosaur fights, comedies, and zombie movies,” Hale continues. “Since then, I have made music videos, wedding videos, and art films, all while trying to hone and add my own cinematic style and voice.”

Some readers might know DeSentis from his crowdfunding efforts to fund shows performing the music of Godzilla and related features. In 2014, he led an orchestra in a celebration of composer Akira Ifukube’s centennial with Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music. That was followed in 2015 with Symphonic Fury! The Music of Japanese Monsters.

A monster. Photo Credit: John Hale.
A monster. Photo Credit: John Hale.

The two Johns began working together after DeSentis thought his talents and ideas would be best suited for The Conduit, according to a press release.

“The reliance on practical effects, the throwback nature of the production, and the rapport between Hale and DeSentis really seemed to say that this would be a great combination,” the release says. “John is looking very much forward to penning a great horror score in the classic 1980s Jerry Goldsmith vein.”

Here’s another sample of the music.

The campaign is in its final week. It has a variety of rewards, ranging from free copies of the film and score to posters and, as you go up, the script, some other swag, and an associate producer credit for the big-timers. Go check it out to learn more about the rewards and the film’s crew.

Fun Fact: Ed Trotta, a voice actor on the film, will send you a personalized message for a $75 contribution. You might know his pipes from Diablo 2 (he played Archangel Tyrael) or Dragnet, Star Trek: Voyager, Liar Liar, or Angel. Or maybe World of Warcraft?

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