A Crucial Listen: Monogem’s ‘Wild’

Electropop producer Monogem has just released something catchy and gorgeous — a cut seemingly forged in the icy cold ruminations of barely lit streets on some autumnal night. Despite this provenance, or perhaps because of it, I find it a shining beacon to help usher us all through what could be some dark times.

Chilly moments and complex considerations are sewn into the fabric of the human condition. We all know this all too well. And she’s tapped into it; and very well, in fact. In doing so, she’s opened us up to the idea of relaxing the way we clutch to the strictures of everyday existence and just be ourselves for a few minutes in some beautiful and transparent way.

The firm strut of the drums glue together an excitable synth bass and splashes of colorful synths over which Monogem’s enrapturing pipes syncopate the hell out of a hook you won’t soon forget. Her refrain is something to internalize: “Same as I ever was/I do it all because/Life’s too short to not live wild.”

I’m always ready to ditch writing about pop music, but usually some artist comes to the rescue and reassures me it’s OK to write about stuff like this. This time, it’s LA-based Monogem who has succeeded at the task.

Please listen to “Wild” first, because it’s transcendent. But her other stuff is good, too. Do listen to that.

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