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‘Vehlinggo’ Turns 2 Today: Is There Even Anything to Celebrate After This Crappy Year?

2016. Amirite? It hasn’t been enough that some of our most important musicians have died. It hasn’t been enough that the Western World has gone crazy with demagoguery.  If you’re like me, there’s also been often soul-crushing losses or life changes in your personal life.

But there’s still hope. We have to embrace the good and use that to keep up the fight.

With that in mind, at least in the realm of Vehlinggo, which turns two today, there were some pretty damn cool things that happened. But before I get there, let’s go back a bit.

Nola WrenThe first post ever on Vehlinggo — before the Valerie Collective art guru even created the logo — was the Nov. 19, 2014, review of the College and Nola Wren EP Save The Day.

I subsequently reviewed College’s gig here in NYC, at which Wren performed that EP’s title cut with him. In retrospect the review isn’t my best written, but both David “College” Grellier and Wren shared it on their social media and thereby introduced this blog to the world.

That post kicked off the Vehlinggo era. By 2015, this thing would be filled with some notable interviews, some fun DJ mixes, and some nice reviews.

Fast forward to 2016: The blog’s biggest feat this year — and one of my greatest personal accomplishments — was the 7,000 word feature on Drive’s Fifth Anniversary. I was able to interview several of the soundtrack’s artists I admire, including College, Electric Youth, Johnny Jewel (Chromatics/Desire), and Cliff Martinez.

But there were other moments, too.

For example, the non-Drive interviews kept coming. Remember Rob Simonsen, the influential film score composer? Or VHS artist Steelberg? Or Pr0files? Or Satellite Young? Or Rationale? Or We Are Temporary? Those are just a few, of course. There’s also at least one awesome one coming yet this year.

My longer essays on Martinez’s score for The Neon Demon and Com Truise were also high points. I even had someone write a guest post for once. Oh, and there were podcasts!

I guess my whole point here is that even in the face of personal losses, the election of The Demagogue With Whom I Share An Island, Brexit, and anything else that might trouble you, there’s some good stuff available here on Vehlinggo. And I’ll do my best to make sure more good things will be here for you in its third year.

Stay tuned for more information on some upcoming changes to Vehlinggo.


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