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Slow Shiver Debuts Seductive ‘In Blue’ Video

You definitely need to check out the new video from Slow Shiver for single “In Blue (Driveby Delivery).” It’s a gritty but sleek, seductive and chic sophisticated tale told through an ode to Helmut Newton and his iconic photography.

As Valente Bertelli — the man behind Slow Shiver, also known for an exquisite Anoraak collaboration — told Vehlinggo last year in an interview, the song represents “… That vulnerable feeling when emotions aren’t dulled yet, and you live in that romantic moment between desire and despair. I wanted to make music for that state of mind. For that person.”

The video, directed by Paul Boyd (INXS, Seal, Sting, Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz), represents that vibe through high fashion, potent art, and the subtle but important negotiations inherent in even the most transactional of relationships. The video stars Australian model Ashlee Anne as a mysterious femme fatale adorned in beautiful Hopeless Lingerie, deceptively seducing her villainous john, played by Micah Fitzgerald.

All of that is set to Bertelli’s impeccably warm and soul-chillingly resonant vocals and his contemplative, catchy synth-based production.

Check it out below. (Note: It’s a little risqué, but worth every second.)

Director: Paul Boyd
Femme Fatale: Ashlee Anne
John: Micah Fitzgerald
Director Of Photography: Ryan Fitzgerald
Lingerie: Hopeless Lingerie

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