5 Things Vehlinggo Didn’t Write About That You Should Hear

For all its fleeting influence and reach, this blog’s operations are tiny and a side jam for anyone involved. That means quality songs and albums come and go without any coverage (that’s in addition to work that’s purposefully ignored because it’s not good).

In the spirit of playing catchup, here are five things you should listen to, if you haven’t already.

1 – Future Islands – The Far Field

Virtually everything this band has ever produced is 100 percent, unassailable quality. Their previous LP, Singles, has an audacious name that suggests it could standalone as a greatest hits collection. Quite frankly, that sentiment could very well apply to The Far Field. I love this band so much — although not enough to write a dedicated post, apparently.

2 – Outblack – “Lost in the Void (feat. Brothertiger)”

Outblack is a new project from electropop/synthwave producer Anoraak (AKA Frédéric Rivière of the Valerie Collective). The spacey “Lost in the Void” is a kind of abstract dance-pop number that’s as meditative and catchy as the best work of either Rivière or Brooklyn synthpop guru Brothertiger (John Jagos). Why didn’t I write about this? Perhaps I’m just a bit of a schmuck? Nah. I just get busy and can’t write about everything.

Speaking of Brooklyn, if you’re in town on Friday, July 7, check out the Anoraak show at Knitting Factory. He’s also going to be in Salt Lake City the day before, apparently.

3 – Savoir Adore – “Too Late (Feat. Paperwhite)”

This cut is pure Vehlinggo in a lot of ways. Both Savoir Adore and Paperwhite are among this blog’s favorite modern synthpop acts (and both share bandmember Ben Marshall). The cut has a triumphant 80s vibe that’s nevertheless very contemporary. So the fact that I didn’t write about in February when it was released was odd. It’s not too late to love this cut, though.

(As a bonus, please do check out Paperwhite’s latest single, “Only Us,” which is part of brother-sister duo Kate and Ben Marshall’s journey into a new sound.)

4 – Heaven – Lonesome Town

So, I did write about lead single, “It’s Not Enough,” and lauded the new Italians Do It Better act’s hazy, ethereal pop sound. I just didn’t get a chance to cover the group’s new EP, which Johnny Jewel produced and which features shades of the qualities of his score work for the new Twin Peaks season (and some Chromatics, to boot). Overall, it’s a lovely EP. Heavenly even.

5 – Dana Jean Phoenix – “Miss You Myself”

Synthwave artist Dana Jean Phoenix’s new album, Synth City, came out earlier this month. This song, produced by Rosso Corsa’s Highway Superstar, is the album’s best. It’s a driving pop number with catchy synth and vocal hooks and some jangly guitar. It’s worth many repeat listens.

Honorable mention goes to “Into the Future,” a Timecop1983-produced cut that invokes Phoenix’s and Timecop’s best collaborations of the past several years.