On His New Single, Slow Shiver’s Stunning Pop Skills Are ‘Set in Stone’

The exquisite vocals of velvet-voiced Valente Bertelli are back with “Set in Stone,” a new single for his Slow Shiver project. The Bertelli pipes join his nuanced, emotionally compelling compositional craftwork. It’s yet another great song under the Slow Shiver banner.

When we last heard him, he was seducing us with the beautifully melancholic early 90s-tinged pop/R&B number “In Blue.” This time, he’s coming at us faster with a pop cut laced with elements of Tangerine Dream and 1980s-era Genesis and Phil Collins.

There’s still a melancholic tendency to “Set in Stone.” Bertelli implores someone to not call, write, or show up to talk to him — his “heart is set in stone,” his mind is made up, the relationship is over, and he needs to heal. It might be sad. It might be tough going forward. But this is how it has to happen.

Hopefully, Bertelli has a lot more songs that are going to happen. We need him.

To read more about Slow Shiver, check out the review of Bertelli’s work with Anoraak or read the large-ish Vehlinggo interview with him from last year. Also, remember that time he covered the David Bowie track “Dead Man Walking” in great ambient-ballad fashion? There’s also this cut with Sobcek!

Also, Slow Shiver is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.