Sunny Night Vibes with Glassio’s ‘Papaya’

Glassio’s new house/pop cut, “Papaya,” is a great mood booster, providing an uplift that would have equal efficacy at a summer-day beach party and a chic, urban night club at 3 a.m. It brings the light wherever it goes.

Press materials say Sam Rad and Charlie Pinel wrote this cut while separated in two places: Rad in Iran for Nowruz (Persian New Year) and Pinel in Brooklyn. This seems to add to the song’s tendency to make the listener think big — to wonder what’s outside their own little world.

Feature Photo Credit: Rachel Cabitt

For more information on Glassio, have some fun.

Rad and Pinel, from Iran and France respectively, met at NYU and from there decided to team up and make some magic.  They’ve supported Fakear, Manatee Commune, and Fenech-Soler live, and have hosted parties at some of Brooklyn’s best underground spots, including Black Flamingo and the perfect Bossa Nova Civic Club.

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