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Watch This Now: New Anna of the North ‘Someone’ Video

Norwegian pop artist Anna of the North recently released a video for her delightfully exquisite cut “Someone,” off her forthcoming LP, Lovers, due Sept. 8. The Miami-shot video, directed by the artist herself and Russell Crank, is an equally satisfying artistic expression. Check it out.

The song’s been out for a month, exposing us to what is perhaps the ideal amalgam ratio of 80s synthpop — the riff has some Bette Davis eyes — and modern pop — the cut has just the Rechtshaid of synthy-guitar interplay vibes we seek. And then there’s those vox: The artist, AKA Anna Lotterud, delivers her part in an understated, particularly enunciated way that perfectly fits the composition. (Note: Anna and Rechtshaid didn’t actually work together, but if they did it would sound lovely.)

Anyway, the song is great and the video is cool, and if you’re not in a position to watch the video, there’s always that embed just below this sentence.

You can pre-order Lovers now. In the meantime, go check out her Facebook presence and listen to this other song from the forthcoming release.

Feature Photo Credit: Jonathan Vivaas Kise. 

Hat tip to Alex Karlinsky for turning me onto this one.