Lomboy, Digital Romance, Umfang: Heard These Yet?

This is a quick look at cuts you need to hear, if you haven’t been listening to them already.

Lomboy – ‘Loverboy’

Tokyo-based vapor meets Bristol. The full EP comes out Aug. 6.

Digital Romance – ‘Drive’

Yes, usually I’m suspicious of anyone who in 2017 calls their tracks anything like “Drive” or “Night Drive” or something like that. However, I’ll give Digital Romance a pass: This cut and the entire excellent Bordello a Parigi release is the work of the Valerie Collective’s Forgotten Illusions (Pierre de la Touche) and singer Marie de Berlin. Buy the whole EP. It’s Italo brilliance.

Tolouse Low Trax – ‘Metal Tent Wicked’

This came up randomly while I was listening to SoundCloud (yes, some people still listen to random stuff on SoundCloud). It’s got a haunting, droney quality to it. I also dig the gritty backbeat. This is part of Antinote’s retrospective series on the work of Tolouse Low Trax.

Umfang’s Beats in Space set

The techno producer kills it with this Beats in Space set. From the understated, malfunctioning darkness of Jasper’s “Ponder” to the intense Carlo Maria closer, the Discwoman-affiliated Umfang destroys. I love it.

She is known for creating a particularly stunning breed of techno and for her Technofeminism residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn, among other things.

Feature Photo: Photo by Vehlinggo of art by Laurie Anderson on exhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

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